Effective Carpet and Rug Cleaning Method

As part of your interior, carpets are the most prone to dirt and bacteria in your home. Even your luxurious and designer carpets are not free from disease-causing bacteria. You can carry that fungus, bacteria, pollens, and many other invisible elements when you go home. Your rug can easily absorb them so you need to improve the indoor air quality through frequent carpet cleaning. If you are unable to consistently clean it, members of your household might experience breathing problems that cause respiratory disease according to Book24.

As a safe and effective method, full immersion carpet and rug cleaning is highly recommended by expert carpet cleaners. It is a carpet and rug cleaning process that can deeply remove dirt, disease-causing bacteria, and odors left on its deepest surface. If dirt residues are not cleaned thoroughly, an odor may spread all over your home. Odors are a sign that the virus left on the surface of the carpet is getting worse and may lead to certain diseases.

effective rug and carpet cleaning method

To make sure your carpet undergoes an appropriate cleaning process, a pre-inspection is conducted. The rug or carpet is tested for a dye bleed so the cleaner can determine the appropriate cleaning method or solution they need to apply to it. Before the carpet is treated, dirt and dust are pre-removed by dusting so they will not be absorbed in the deepest surface of the rug when it gets wet.

Special spot and stain removal technique are then used to deliver the best result. This helps remove visible stains while maintaining the color of your carpet. The cleaner ensures that he uses the proper cleaning solution so the color of your carpet will not fade.  If completely done, the full immersion rug cleaning process takes place.

Wash detergents are combined with water and are applied to the carpet. The carpet will easily absorb the cleaning solution until its deepest surface. The cleaner makes sure that he does not use any abrasive equipment to scrub the carpet because it might harm the fabric and leave marks to it. He also makes sure he avoids using harsh chemicals to maintain the color and texture of the carpet. This process requires an extra care due to the delicate fabric of the carpet.

To remove the cleaning solution, the carpet is rinsed thoroughly with a clean flowing water so the bacteria also goes together with the cleaning solution. Through the use of state-of-the-art drying system, the carpet should then be carefully dried. This high-quality system keeps the smoothness of your carpet’s fabric after to undergoes different cleaning procedures.

All these cleaning methods are possible through the knowledge and expertise of a carpet cleaner. He does all of these with an utmost care to deliver the best result when you receive your carpet or rug. Entrust your precious carpet to an expert cleaner instead of simply cleaning it through vacuum and washing. An expert carpet cleaner knows the best cleaning solution to use to leave your carpet to look stunning and scratch-free.

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